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Welcome to the Art Gallery where pictures that I made for Niece Web are displayed, along with some fan art, and other art goodies. Enjoy what you find here!

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The Niece Web Checklist
The Color Guides
Sisters Forever
A Worthful Ending
Christmas Fan Art
Wallpaper #1

"The Niece Web Checklist"

Posted September 18, 2005

This is a nice little piece that I did on a boring sunday afternoon. Its a checklist of some factors that each niece brings into the comic successfully. But when it came to Dark Spider, well you see what I mean, ha.

"The Color Guides"

Posted: September 18, 2005

When I go to color in the Niece Web comics using Photoshop, I use a set template of colors for each character. The Color Guides are the template of colors that I use for the characters. When I go to color a comic, I open up both the line art for the comic along with the color guide. To color in the characters, I just use the color picker tool in Photoshop to "pick" the colors from the color guide and then I use them on the line art for the comic. That way I have consistent colors for the characters throughout the comic. Here I'm showcasing 2 color guides...

This is the very first color guide that I have been using for the comic. I drew up this color guide way back in March 2005, so that's why the characters look so crude and old looking. Around that time, I just started to draw the characters and get their color scheme down packed.

Here is the newer version of the color guide that I drew in Mid September 2005 and going to begin using starting with Niece Web #9. The characters are much more refined and better looking than the old color guide. Also the color scheme is a little better than the last one. I put both of these color guides up to reflect on how the comic has changed alot since it was first developed back in March and even when the actual comic began in late July 2005. My artwork is changing for the better, definitely.

"Sisters Forever"

Posted: September 27. 2005

Since this comic is swarming with girls, I thought I'd do a nice, sweet, loving piece. So I came up with "Sisters Forever". Since they are not only sisters, but quadruplet sisters, they share a stronger bond than other siblings. I really liked how this came out, I hope you like this piece! Who am I kidding, I know you will, ha.

"A Worthful Ending"

Posted: September 27, 2005

This is a cool picture that I did. The nieces are aggravating Dark Spider constantly, but his thoughts of what his continued parental dedication might produce keeps him going. They might be troublesome, but in the end its all worth it when they become sucessful...whether its becoming an athlete, a model, a judge, or a famous artist. Even if they don't become anything successful, as long as they're alive and well, that counts as success in Dark Spider's eyes. I made this picture with my mother in mind, as she's going through her bout with the kids. This picture will cheer her up and hopefully you all too.

Christmas Fan Art

Posted: December 25, 2005

This is a wonderful holiday fan art by Aaron Evrin of Save vs Magic. Click the picture to see the rest of his submission, its sweet!

Niece Web Wallpaper #1

Posted: December 2, 2006

This is the first ever wallpaper of the Niece Web gang. It was a pleasure making it. It's only available in 1072x768 size, but other sizes will be available in the future. Click the picture and follow the instructions on the next page. Enjoy!

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