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"Niece Web" is a webcomic by Johnaven Dubose aka "Dark Spider X". The webcomic is about 4 quadruplet sisters (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn) who live with their uncle (Dark Spider).

The quadruplets were orphaned when both of their parents died when they were about 3 years old. From that point they were raised by their Aunt Mary. Their Grand Aunt Mary was from the "old school" and raised (i.e. restricted) her nieces to be proper ladies and sheltered them from the "inappropriate" ways of the real modern world. When the nieces were 12, Aunt Mary died too (see a trend?). From then, their Uncle Dark Spider took them in.

Whereas Aunt Mary was strict, stern, and stuck in her old school ways, Dark Spider was a totally different person. He was smart, easy going, and tolerant of the way the world at large was. Under their Uncle Dark Spider, the nieces weren't so restricted in how they could act, and they all matured into the different personalities they are today: Winter was book smart, but crabby...Spring was an athletic prankster...Summer was the ditzy likable sweetheart...and Autumn was the deviant artist.

Of course since Dark Spider wasn't so restrictive, the sisters were exposed to the "inappropriate" world at large...even more "inappropriate" because their uncle was just a magnet for trouble and everything negative (his own bad luck). But because they are smart, resourceful ladies, they're able to ward off that stuff and lead somewhat normal lives with their uncles.

The comic updates every Tuesday and Saturday (or Sunday if the Saturday update can't be met), so join the nieces and their uncle Dark Spider as they laugh, play, cry, learn lessons, be exposed to really messed up stuff, and other things in life.


The Cast

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The Main Cast
Dark SpiderWinterSpringSummerAutumn Cindy
Other Characters
NeomaMelonyVeronica ZoneMarty

The Main Cast

Dark Spider

Dark Spider is a 21 year old who was thrust upon parenthood at an early age, when he had to suddenly take care of his quadruplet nieces. Being a smart person, he learned to quickly adapt to his new found responsibilities and he was able to provide a suitable home for his new family.

Dark Spider can be best described as open minded, as he appreciates all the differences in the world. This makes him able to support his nieces in whatever they may do, as they all have different personalities and interests. He’s also able to teach his nieces a thing or two about the world they may not about, because prior to living with him, the nieces lead a mostly sheltered life.

For one reason or another, Dark Spider is a magnet for trouble and negativity, even though he himself is a mostly positive person. It seems a day doesn’t go by where at least something bad happens to him, usually hurting himself. Maybe its bad karma from the vulgarities that come from his mouth. Its not curse words or anything, but he has a nasty and (gladly) humorous habit of saying or doing whatever is on his mind, whether it’s appropriate or not.

He loves his nieces and tries to be the best guardian he can for them.


Winter is a very smart, logical young lady. This is because she is a quick learner, especially if she learned it from a book. In fact, she can practically learn anything from a book, even without practicing. Its because of this that we can always find her nose in a book of some sort. Also she’s an acute observer of life and rarely misses details. One big weakness Winter has is her pursuit of an intellectual challenge…even if that pursuit leads to danger.

Winter has a aura of aristocracy to her because she’s quiet, keeps to herself, and takes pride in herself. She rarely loses her composure, and is thus perceived as a strong lady….a lady, because because if it ain’t lady-like, then she ain’t doing it. She got that kind of thinking from her late Aunt Mary.

Also from Aunt Mary is her stubborn personality. If she believes something, then she’ll stick with it until its VERY disproven. If she wants to do something, then she won’t stop until its done.

Even though she usually hides it, Winter is a very compassionate about her loved ones. One of the worst times of her life was her Aunt Mary’s death. It was really the first time she had to deal with death (she was too young to properly deal with her parent’s death). If because of this that is often a loner, in order to not form any new contacts with people.


Spring is a very active person. She’s into all kind of sports, and other physical activities. This also lends to her competitive spirit. There’s not a feeling to her better than beating other people in some sort of contest or competition. If she doesn’t, then she feels embarrassed (especially since she’s a trash talker). Because of that, she’s also a sore loser and gets really mad or even vengeful as a result.

Spring loves to joke around and have a good time. One of the worst feelings Spring has is being bored. If she’s bored, then that fuels her into destructive behavior, such as pranks. She’s really big on playing pranks on people, especially Winter since she rarely loses her composure.

Whereas her other sisters at least keep up a neat and clean appearance, Spring doesn’t. Spring loves to feel comfortable, and her idea of comfort is a rather sloppy appearance. This is one of the reasons why she loves her Uncle Dark Spider, he doesn’t care about her appearance. This is a stark contrast with Spring’s previous guardian, her late Aunt Mary, who made it her mission to have Spring look and be more “lady-like”. Spring fought with Aunt Mary constantly about appearance, and she considers it a relief to be “herself” without restriction. There is a disadvantage to her appearance, and that’s people making fun of her. Being mistaken for a boy is especially common. But Spring handles it with a swift punch in the face.

Speaking of punching people in the face, that’s a common method for Spring to handle her problems, which isn’t always the best course of action. But hey, that’s the kind of behavior aggression leads too. So make sure you don’t piss her off in anyway.


Summer is definitely the most positive out of her sisters. She rarely has anything but a smile on her face. This is mostly because of her simple minded outlook on life. She mostly doesn’t see the whole picture in various things, and this leads to her viewing those things in a positive light. But being simple minded does have its disadvantages. One big disadvantage is definitely people thinking she’s stupid and ditzy. Winter especially loves calling her a ditz. But you definitely can’t underestimate her, because she just might come out of the blue and surprise you.

Summer is definitely a people person. She has a wealth of friends, and everyone else adores her. She also leads the lifestyle that will always keep her around people and them liking her, like: going to parties, talking constantly on the phone, enjoying drama and gossiping about it later, and generally being inviting and friendly. This is how Summer prefers it, because she secretly is afraid of being by herself and isolated from people. The worst feeling in the world for Summer is for people to hate her. Summer will be highly upset if she finds herself be alone, which are both rarities for her…being upset and alone.

Summer loves fashion and looking pretty. There will be plenty of times where you’ll see Summer wear a variety of costumes and outfits that are pretty flamboyant and is definitely designed to attract attention. She also loves to dress her sisters up too, because let’s face it, quadruplets are cute in themselves, but MATCHING quadruplets are the best thing ever.

Summer is a very emotional person. When she gets excited, she get EXCITED. Likewise, when she gets miserable, she gets MISERABLE. The latter gets on people’s nerves a lot, because she’s a drama queen. Hey, she ;oves drama, might as well be the queen of it.


If there’s one thing that Autumn loves, its being able to express herself. Her personality is built around that. She loves the arts, like drawing, painting, acting, music, movies and such…..because they are all medium in expressing ones self. She loves reading novels, manga, comic books, and such because again….they are all mediums in expressing ones self. She has several piercing on her body because again…..they are an expression of herself. Do you see a trend here?

Another passion of Autumn’s is being different from everyone and anything. Who else do you know that has a pet squirrel? Does the majority of people in the world have more than 9 piercing on their bodies? Who else wears sandals nearly year round? Is it Summer? No, its Autumn.

Autumn is an idealist at heart. She’s never out of ideas about various topics. Her ideas often lean toward the theme of ideal human conduct, and making the world a better place. She believes in her own ideas so much, that she gets really upset if she can’t express them or if she ever goes against them…what she calls “deceiving herself“. Also because of the “ideal” nature of her ideas, she is often labeled as simple minded and not aware of her surroundings. But that’s not the case with Autumn…she’s is aware of the world around her, she just believes in her “better” view of it.

Her idealistic nature is also factored into the topic of love. She’s one of the believers in “the one”, which is a person that is the most perfect match for you. Autumn loves romantic stories, and she secretly wishes that she finds her “one” and may do whatever it takes to find her “one”.

Autumn is also somewhat a shy person, that sometimes gets in the way of expressing herself sometimes. Her shyness also sometimes lets people influence her thinking sometimes. One thing that Autumn hates is speaking in front of large groups of people. This is a direct contradiction to one of her passions, acting, but Autumn’s explanation for it is that “when she’s acting, that’s not the real ‘Autumn’”.


Cindy is Autumn’s pet squirrel and best friend. Autumn confides in Cindy a lot about her joys and troubles, to which Cindy replies in her usual “chatters”. Autumn does this so much, that most of her other family members also confide in Cindy about themselves too. Winter personally can’t stand it because Cindy is “just a squirrel”.

Cindy is loyal to Autumn and her family, and will keep them company and do anything for them. Cindy simply adores nuts, and will also do anything for them.

Other Characters


Neoma is one of Dark Spider’s friends and his love interest. They have been friends for years and will help out each other with whatever they may need. Dark Spider often consults with Neoma for her “female advise and perspective” on issues with the nieces…because lets’ face it, Dark Spider is no female.

Neoma is an intelligent female, who is very cool and down to Earth. She is also very goal oriented and will work to achieve them. She’s very serious about life, careers, knowledge and respect. What that translates to is she’s basically a straight laced, work-a-holic, who will fight you if you disrespect her. But she’s not always like that, and she does know how to have fun once in a while. The nieces are attracted to Neoma’s nature and they adore her for it. “Aunt Neoma” does have a nice ring to it.

A mystery with her is her exact feelings for Dark Spider. On one hand, she wards off Dark Spider’s advances and wants nothing to do with them. But on the other hand, she gets jealous and destructive when someone else tries to get with Dark Spider (mainly her best friend Melony). One theory is that she’s loves the attention Dark Spider gives her, but doesn’t want the relations with him, and when someone else vies for DS’s attention, she gets jealous. Another theory is she is simply waiting for a better time to get with DS, and doesn’t want DS with anyone else in the meantime, as that other person might mess it up for Neoma. The last theory is that Neoma does have a history of bad relationships with men, and it makes her second guess getting with another man, despite her feelings for him.

Neoma is currently a novice 4th grade school teacher and is trying to cope with her new job.


Melony is one of Dark Spider’s friends and Neoma’s best friend ever since childhood. She has recently came back from college in another state, and is looking to rejoin the social circle and start her career as a psychologist.

Melony is pretty hyperactive, loud and unnaturally perky, which makes her very annoying in a number of people’s eyes. But underneath that stuff lies a genuinely caring person who would do anything to help her friends. All of her life, her personality have been misunderstood and consequently she’s been made fun of both behind and in front of her back. But she’s just shrugged it off and kept being herself.

This is also a reason why she’s attracted to Dark Spider. She grew up with Dark Spider and knows that he’s another misunderstood person and he has quirks to him that make him very unlucky. You can say she’s attracted to “herself“. So she affectionate, lustfully and aggressively pursues Dark Spider….much to Dark Spider’s dismay. Well actually, Dark Spider isn’t too dismayed by it…I mean he gets free affection, and what man doesn’t want that? But he doesn’t want the relationship with her however.

Despite Melony’s “personality quirks”, Neoma is able to look past that and see how much of a good person Melony is…and that’s why they have been best friends since a very young age. Nothing can break their friendship, but some things have come very close. For instance, they attended different colleges, and they were broken up for a few years. But they recently resumed being best friends again. Also Dark Spider indirectly puts a strain in their relationship. Melony aggressively tries to pursue him, while Neoma jealously tries to thwart her attempts for ambiguous reasons. But no matter how much they fight over him, they always make up and resume their friendship afterwards.


Veronica is another one of Dark Spider’s friends, which is funny because she despises men. She hasn’t exactly had the best male role models in her life, and her relationships with men have been disastrous at best. This lead her to find comfort in women, who steered her in the right direction. Eventually this turned into lustful feelings toward women, and her turn toward lesbianism.

She’s the most aggressive and outspoken out of everyone in the comic and is very quick to lose her temper and fight someone. She says whatever’s on her mind. She also has a habit of being manipulative toward people using her way with words to influence the weak minded.

She has a close circle of friends which includes Dark Spider, Zone and Marty. She’s friends with Dark Spider because in her eyes, she’s one of the few exceptions to the male gender. He’s nice, kind, and not a pig (most times anyway). But some may question why Marty is considered her friend. He is the very embodiment of what she hates about men. But maybe that’s the very reason why they’re friends….opposites do have a tendency to attract. Maybe she enjoys getting on his nerves and foiling his plans to get with females.


A person shrouded in mystery. Not even his own friends know much about his past. He just showed up and they all became friends. But one thing is for sure…he is definitely a child of television and pop culture. He absolutely thrives in it. He’s one of those people that will definitely watch every last installment of I Love the 70s, 80s, 80s Strikes Back, 80s 3-D, and 90s because its all familiar to him. Being immersed in pop culture like that does make Zone borderline crazy, so watch out. Dark Spider enjoys his behavior however, he thinks its funny. His nieces think its sad.


Marty has a lack of respect for women, and that’s putting it nicely. He views them solely as objects ready to be manipulated to his bidding, mainly but not limited to a sexual nature. He gets that from his father, who raised Marty by himself….free to raise him into the person he is today.

Also top of everything is his attitude. He has a cocky and arrogant demeanor to him that quickly gets on everyone’s nerves. Nobody really like him, and his friends barely tolerate him.

If there’s one redeeming thing about him, he knows how to have fun and is fun to hang around. He also have a good sense of friendship (with men that is) and does what he can to help Dark Spider and Zone (most times with some selfish gain attached). Although he bickers with Veronica a lot, he somewhat has her back to when its absolutely necessary. If not, then she can forget about his help.


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